Again, thank you for following my trip across the Chubu region, Hokkaido and Tokyo. In this post I compiled the whole travel log series and also list some additional resources.

List of all articles

In a total of 16 articles you can read how I planned the journey and the complete travel log.

Itinerary – Visiting Japan in Winter
Itinerary Update

Day 1: Arrival, Shibuya and Nakano
Day 2: Comiket, Odaiba and Shopping
Day 3: Comiket and Shopping again
Days 4/5: Skiing in Niseko
Days 6/7: Hirafu and Sapporo
Day 8: Kusatsu Onsen
Day 9: Kusatsu and Nagano
Day 10: Snow Monkeys and Matsumoto
Day 11: Kanazawa
Day 12: Kaga Onsen
Day 13: Toyama and Takayama
Day 14: Ainokura and Shirakawago
Days 14 & 15: Hida, Takayama and back to Tokyo
Days 16 & 17: Tokyo and Departure



This map shows the places I visited and the route I took.


Picture Gallery and Slideshow

As always you can find all pictures I used for the blog in the gallery. This time I also created a slideshow with even more pictures.

Japan in snow

Two weeks after my departure, in late January, it began snowing in Tokyo. The capital is not blessed with snow most of the year, so there is a lot of excitement when it finally came down.



Japan 2017/18 Summary

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