While this blog is mainly about travel and matters related to Japan, from time to time I like to write about other interests of mine, such as the subject I am majoring in – chemistry.

Crowdfunding became a major trend recently and nowadays even the most specific, controversial or ambitious products can be produced on demand. Even the company Lego itself started its own platform in order to produce special kits for dedicated fans. A certain chemistry related kit recently caught my attention – it’s a NMR machine!


You can view the project page on: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/91495

Now you may be asking what a NMR machine is. It is a very practical analytical tool we chemists use to find out about the contents and purity of the compounds we made. This humorous info graphic summarizes the principles behind the rather complex technology.

Hidden Force Looking Machine

Graphic by Andrew Hall.


Unfortunately the campaign ended without reaching its funding goal, so people like me have to confine themselves to the operational-size one. It seems like people are more interested in building a miniature LHC, which is also quite a nice kit to work with I guess.

LEGO NMR Spectrometer
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