After the Saki Matsuri concluded with the big parade, you would think that was the finale. In contrast, this marks the beginning of the Ato Matsuri cycle. In the folllowing week the remaining 11 floats are constructed, exhibited and then parade through the city.

Today’s post will be about the Ato Matsuri Yoiyama, which is similar to the Saki Matsuri Yoiyama I wrote about earlier.

On the Friday evening before the parade I found the illuminated hoko and yama in the Karasuma Shijo neighborhood, like the week before. On some of them musicians on top of the floats play their flutes (noukan), drums (taiko) and bells (surigane).

It was raining earlier and thanks to that I could take photos of the koi yama through the reflection in a puddle.

In addition, shrines and wealthy families opened their backyards to showcase rare possessions of art and craft.

One float, the Koiyama, features a Western scroll from the 16th century that found its way from Belgium. It shows scenes from the Iliad. For more information see here.

Gion Matsuri: Ato Matsuri Yoiyama
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