During the whole month of July Gion Matsuri takes place in Kyoto; with countless small and large events. I tried to attend as many as I could to report on the 2022 edition after two years of pandemic-induced break.

Today’s post is about the Shinkosai. From Yasaka Shrine four mikoshi (portable shrines) paraded through the neighborhood and then were carried down Shijo dori.

When I arrived the preparations were almost complete, as over 50 men with white uniforms (the kanji reads nishiki, like the Nishiki market) were sitting around a mikoshi to listen to last minute instructions.

And then the mikoshi was lifted up and carried around the central hall and out of the shrine. I could follow the procession surprisingly close.

One short break outside the inner shrine and then the real parade began.

Changing my location to the Higashiōjidori / Shijo crossing I watched how the four mikoshi turned and shook their way down the street.

As the sun set, the mikoshi passed over Kamogawa. They were stored near Kawaramachi station for about a week when they were carried back during a similar event, the Kankōsai.

Gion Matsuri: Shinkōsai
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