There are many reasons why one would find his or her way to the country of the rising sun. Just as everyone experiences the country from his or her very unique perspective there are people who try to share their very own with the world. I am talking about video bloggers. Today I want to showcase a few videos.

Title image kindly stolen from Tofugu.

Recently I found a very nice video shot by two gaijin, showcasing many cultural sites of central Japan. The video is titled „Our Japan“ and follows the couple through Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Kobe. The manifoldness of Japanese culture, ranging from their tradition rich history to the modern society is portrayed well, too.

Another video from a foreigner, retelling his personal journey with his girlfriend, uses a more artistic approach.

If there is one thing Japanese people are proud about when you ask them it is the distinct four seasons which can be experienced all over the country. For us this comes with a bit of a surprise, but apparently some Japanese think they are the only blessed with the seasonal diversity in the whole world, maybe just in parts of Asia.
This video, called „January in Japan“, is another greatly made video focussing on the cold month.

By the way, my next Japan trip will be in the Winter, if I can make it happen. The season really got me curious and I want to visit Shirakawa-go again when it is covered in snow, besides the infamous Sapporo Snow Festival.

Watching and selecting the videos really got me into the mood to start shooting myself. There is still much to learn though…

Welcome to Japan
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