From Kyoto station I continued the journey to my new place in a taxi. There are very few times I chose one in the past but here it made a lot of sense with the two suitcases. Conveniently, there were two taxi stands on the south side of the station, one specifically catering to foreigners. That taxi was larger than usual, had plenty of trunk space and the driver probably spoke English too.

In the early afternoon I was greeted by the house office and received some basic information about moving in and living. The house and the room are amazing, I will show you a room tour in another post.

Spending a minimal time in the flat, I just grabbed my camera and started exploring. The weather was perfect and the Sakura were in full bloom, probably only for a few more days.

Without thinking, I walked a big loop starting from Heinan-jingu to Nanzen-ji, along the Philosophers path to Ginkaku-ji, across to the Kamo-gawa and along the river bank to my apartment.

Cherry blossoms, with no end in sight.

A flowery welcome
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  • 2022/04/06 um 08:36 Uhr

    What a great time to be in Kyoto!

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