Nara is always worth a visit. The former capital of Japan draws in the crowds for the ancient temples, that harbor some of the oldest wooden structures remaining until today. The other and arguably even more attractive point is the extensive park and forest area in the west where thousands of deer roam freely.

In June the deer fawn were just born and can be viewed in a protected area of the Deer Protection Association before they are released with their parents. The area is located in the forest close to the Kasuga Taisha shrine.

The deer are always funny to observe. They are quite tame but can be intimidating when they see a potential food source.

Kasuga shrine is a beautiful shrine with a long history. It is found in the midddle of the forest and it is not uncommon to see deers on the area.

From time to time I saw young deer together with their parent.

There was a deer that used a rope to scratch an itch on its head.

This time I skipped the other temples because it was very busy with many school classes around but I highly recommend to visit them. You can find more information about them and other things I did in Nara in previous articles.

Visiting the deer fawn
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