Happy 2024! Having transitioned into the New Year with Japanese customs, we began our 2024 with a vacation in the Tohoku region. Five prefectures in five days – there is a lot to see in the northern part of Honshu main island and I am sure we will come again and again.

Map of the Tohoku region (Wikimedia Commons).

On this trip we heavily utilized the JR East Pass available to non-Japanese passport holders and therefore selected destinations accessible by train. We started in Aizu-Wakamatsu in western Fukushima, then continued to southern Yamagata prefecture on day two. At the halfway point we traveled to Hachinohe in Aomori prefecture, the most northern point of this trip, with stops in Fukushima and Sendai. Lastly we spent a day and a bit in Morioka before returning to Tokyo.

Day 1: A castle and Sake in Fukushima

From Tokyo to Aizu-Wakamatsu and Higashiyama Onsen

Day 2: Secluded Onsen in the mountains of Yamagata

Staying at a remote ryokan 1000 meters over sea level

Day 3: From hills to coast: Miyagi and Aomori

Heading north to Hachinohe at the Pacific with a short break at Sendai

Day 4: Exploring a mysterious cave

Day trip to the Ryuusendo limestone cave and staying at Morioka

Day 5: Feeling Morioka’s culture

Exploring Morioka, the place to be according to the NYT

The respective individual posts will be linked as soon as they are ready.

Winter vacation in Tohoku

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