Kyoto is surrounded by mountains from three sides, one of them is Mt. Hiei. The mountain top is easily accessible by a combination of train, cable car and ropeway but it is also a popular hiking destination and it is possible to hike the way up.

On the mountain is a lovely curated garden called Hiei Garden Museum. The western garden contained so many pretty flowers which were just in season and because of the higher altitude, I found some flowers that already came and went in Kyoto. For instance, I was happy to see the blue nemophila and last remains of fuji.

Also, paintings of great impressionists were exhibited in the garden, complementing the flowers. There were many Monets and Van Goghs, of course replicas.

And since the museum is on a mountain, the panoramic view over Kyoto and Lake Biwa is fantastic. That being said, enjoy the pictures.

Hiei Garden Museum
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